Jenoptik and Leaf to produce medium format AFi camera

Jenoptik and Leaf to produce medium format AFi camera

Leaf will make the official presentation to the Spanish market of its first medium format camera, AFi, in the next edition of Foto / Ventas (at the Ingrafic stand, nº 42, top floor). It should be noted that in the last edition of Photokina, a prototype of the Leaf AFi was presented that drew the attention of many professionals.

The new camera adapts to the needs of professionals taking advantage of all the advantages provided by the new family of Leaf Aptus S backrests, also present in the next edition of Photo / Sales. In conjunction with these backs the new camera will be available in three models, the AFi-75, AFi-65 and AFi-54.

Among the most important characteristics of this medium format camera are: interchangeable viewfinder system (waist level or 90º pentaprism); Schneider-Kreuznach digital lens system; ergonomically adjustable handle with different degrees depending on the position of the photographer; interchangeable position between vertical and horizontal shots without moving the backrest, just by turning the camera; etc.

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