LG Does the LG K8 have a notification LED? The notification LED is important on any mobile device, because …

LG Does the LG K8 have a notification LED? The notification LED is important on any mobile device, because …

The notification LED is important in any mobile device, because when notifications arrive and we cannot feel the sound of the mobile or feel that it vibrates, one of the things that we realize is obviously thanks to the Notification LED, but otherwise we should be unlocking it at all times to see if we have any kind of notification of whatever.

Therefore, it is very simple when we have a Notification LED since it helps us save a good amount of time if we go to the case, since we can go to the side of the mobile, if we do not see anything we continue and we do not have to be braking and looking if someone wrote to us for an emergency, etc.

LED Notifications LG K8

If you have a LG K8 And you want to know if this very good phone from LG has LED notifications, then you should continue reading this article since we are going to try to talk to you not only in depth about this topic but also about the mobile phone in question.

What you should do to be able to see if it has notification LEDs is to go first of all to “Settings“Once here we go where it says”Sound and Notifications“After this you have to find the option”Notification LED”There we should be able to enable or disable it.

In case you do not have that option, which can happen, you can use the flash of the camera either back or front to just imitate the notification LED, something extremely useful for many people with mobiles that do not have the LED. To be able to do it you have to download the application called Flash notification from the Play Store by following this link and you can configure it to your liking so that each notification is different.

In addition, this app allows us a great variety of things such as changing the sound depending on the notification in question, in addition to configuring the blink speed, it notifies us of absolutely everything and any can be configured as I said so that you realize that it is a from WhatsApp, another from Facebook, etc.

In this way, be it one way or another we managed to have notification LEDsIt may not be the most practical thing in the world, but without a doubt it is a good way to have something to be able to realize that some kind of important message or notice has reached us that we would not otherwise see.

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