LightScribe Simple Labeler, Label LightScribe discs with Mac OS X

It is approximately 7.5 MB in size and can now be downloaded, free of charge from the Lightscribe website, although this tool comes with a large number of Lightscribe drives that can be purchased today, as well as computers with a recorder compatible with LightScribe discs. .

The LightScribe labeling system is based on two parameters, on the one hand optical discs with a heat sensitive labeling layer and on the other, an application that is capable of using the laser of the LightScribe recorder unit to label the discs (CD or DVD ). This system avoids using indelible markers or adhesive labels on the discs for their identification.

For its correct operation it needs a Mac with Mac OS X 10.3.9, and it is also compatible with computers based on Microsoft Windows and Linux.