M-Audio IE Professional Headphones

Thanks to their highly balanced armored speaker technology and 26 dB of isolation, the IE-10 headphones are perfect for monitoring on the go and live. In addition, they represent a significant leap in quality compared to the headphones supplied with music players.

The IE-10 headphones offer better bass response and higher input sensitivity than any other product in this price range. In addition, the included set of covers ensures maximum comfort and a perfect fit inside the ear, and the clamping rings pass over and behind the ear to reduce the strain on the cables, prevent them from disturbing and keep the headphones securely in your ear. place. The removable 1.16 m cord can be replaced to extend the life of the product.

The manufacturer has three models. The IE-10 model, with a single driver (speaker), is priced at around 130 EUR; the IE-20 model with two drivers for a better bass response, which is priced at around 250 EUR and, finally, the top model, IE-30 with armature and balanced drivers to offer high precision bass and treble that has a price of about 300 EUR.

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