Macworld Expo: Belkin Announces Recording Studio for iPod

According to the manufacturer, it is a device that can be used by podcasters as a recording studio, since artists can connect instruments and microphones to TuneStudio and record directly to iPod.

TuneStudio also acts as an external USB sound card, allowing users to input audio from a Mac or PC and output audio to both a Mac and PC from any of the device’s sound inputs or outputs.

It records in sound with a quality of 16 bit at 44kHz, it has a three-band equalizer, level control and panning on each channel. Phantom-powered XLR-type inputs for condenser microphones offer up to 60 dB of gain, according to Belkin, while a stereo compressor elevates the perception of recording dynamics to take full advantage of the possibilities recording of the iPod.

TuneStudio will be shown in Belkin-enabled areas at Macworld Expo and the Consumer Electronics Show. TuneStudio will go on sale in North America during the summer at a price of $ 179.99, with launch in Asia, Europe and Australia to follow.