Macworld shows off the power of the Mac on Internet Day

The television marathon was attended by a multitude of public figures, experts on the Internet, representatives of technology and Internet companies; as well as talks and demonstrations of the latest technology, including video game consoles, operating systems such as Linux or Mac OS X.

The intervention of Macworld was constituted by José Carlos Daganzo, editor of the magazine, who showed how a web page can be published on the Internet in a minute, and Daniel de Blas, director of the magazine, who showed how Macs work, how they can run various operating systems including Windows, and gave a brief demonstration of using the computer to create music.

The video of Macworld’s intervention can be seen at

The Interneox program team, dedicated to technology and available on digital terrestrial television, was in charge of the production of this marathon on the occasion of the celebration of Internet Day. All the videos of the event can be seen at http; //