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Romanticism never goes out of style and it is always a good time to dedicate a few beautiful words to a special person. Unfortunately, not all of us are good at words and many times we cannot find the correct way to express what we feel. However, that is no longer a problem, with the collection of Short love poems that we bring you today you will be able to express all your love.

The best short love poems

If I dream of you because I love you,

if I need you because I love you,

if I think about you because I love you,

if I miss you because I love you,

I love you because I love you

and I love you because you are.

short love poems

I was asleep, I didn’t feel you

I woke up, you were not

I spoke your name, silence

I called you again, more silence

I got restless, I cried

your absence hurt

… your memory began.

short love poems

I will think of you

I will think that I met you

I will feel your presence

I will feel that you are here

I will know that you exist

I will know that you know me

and I will always be excited,

Like the day I met you

short love poems

You run stealthily looking for emotions

I follow you, quiet, I follow you in life

I am there, as a refuge of sensations

you stop, I hug you

you kiss the air, I kiss your soul

we both talk, we talk with love.

short love poems

If your eyes were stars,

and your lips the sea,

what a beautiful landscape

to be able to admire.

short love poems

The sunset sparkles

they are so beautiful,

but they can’t be compared

with the brightness of your eyes.

short love poems

Don’t play with glass

because you can cut yourself

do not mess with me

because I can kiss you.

short love poems

Dreamer words

are found in this song,

words that tell you

that you are all a charm.

short love poems

If loving you were seeing you and seeing you were losing you,

I’d rather love you without seeing you than seeing you to lose you

He was my friend but I loved him, I loved him in permanent silence,

While she was telling me about her loves, I sadly listened to her words.

He was my friend but I loved him, I loved him silently and just listened.

I shuddered he looked at me, when I saw him next to me I was happy.

He was my friend but I liked him, it was my way of seeing him go by.

I never knew what he felt and he always told me about his beloved.

He was my friend and on the least expected day, he took my hands in his and said:


short love poems

At night I dream of you, at day I think of you, and every time I look at you, my heart begins to beat.

short love poems

You are the light of my life, you are the owner of my love, you are the only one in my mind and the first in my heart.

short love poems

Yesterday I wrote you a verse, where I tell you my immense love,

Today I give it to you printed and I just want a kiss in return.

short love poems

The day you were born a flood of stars fell,

the most beautiful of them all fell into your bed.

short love poems

If because I love you, you want me to love you more,

four things I will do for you that you will not do for me:

1st Loving you as I love you.

2nd Adore yourself and nothing else.

3rd Be faithful until death.

4th Never forget you.

Short love poems

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