Math Minis Applications – Addition and Subtraction We continue with our review of some of the best applications that …

Math Minis Applications – Addition and Subtraction We continue with our review of some of the best applications that …

We continue with our review of some of the best applications that we can find within the Google Play Store which is that of all mobile devices with Android operating system. But in this case we have a completely different proposal to what is usual, insofar as it is one that is specially designed for the little ones.

The truth is that no matter how hateful mathematics can be at times, we cannot help but consider in any case that the resolution of all kinds of exercises and calculations is essential for training the mind. And not only from the minds of those of us who are already adults, but especially from the little ones, so we believe that this application will be essential for parents of children.

Indeed, the problem we can find when it comes to teaching a little logic and mathematics to the little ones, is that they hardly stop at it unless they know they can have fun. And it is with this particular spirit that today we find an application that we are sure will help minors to obtain benefits in their thought sequence … even if they don’t know it themselves.


Math Minis, an essential application for little ones

Well, as you have seen, we are talking about a very specific application called Math Minis, which we believe is one of the best alternatives that we can find in this field right now. Of course, Math Minis is much more fun than pure learning apps, as it is designed to be a fun option too.

Regarding this application, we have to emphasize in any case that if your child is not very fond of traditional math and exercise books, and instead prefers to entertain himself with his mobile, this application may be very useful. As we select the correct answers, Math Minis will allow us to see how fruits come to life with beautiful animations of all kinds.

In Math Minis we can find a total of 8 levels, of which we are going to show you below all their particular characteristics, without losing sight of the fact that each of them emphasizes specific skills. In fact, each level has a different background, and trees and fruits that turn into little people, so your little one will be amazed by the entertainment it proposes, beyond just learning.

For the rest, we have to say that it is a completely free application up to level 4, so it is not necessary to pay anything for our little one to show that he has the knowledge to overcome those essential levels. Then, Math Minis uses the classic internal purchasing system within the application, so we can purchase many other levels, as well as additional content.


Math Minis and their detailed levels

Although of course the best thing is to discover the secrets that each of the levels of Math Minis keep with your little one, we cannot help but consider that a little review of them is always useful. For that very We are going to show you below what content you can find in the main initial levels of this application, in order to know in which knowledge your little one can be nurtured.

Level 1 – Counting and number patterns

At the initial level of Math Minis we will be able to discover some of the basic notions of mathematics for our little ones, from the classic How to count section, to others that follow once the first ones have been passed, such as Number Sequences or Number Patterns.

Level 2 – Basic addition

Once these basic knowledge is acquired, it is then time to take a qualitative leap in the child’s learning, offering categories such as Add one-digit numbers, Add 3 one-digit numbers or Add 10 numbers.

Level 3 – Advanced Sum

The third level already generates certain complications in those who have overcome the first two without difficulties, since its sections are more advanced, such as when proposing to add 2-digit numbers with 1-digit numbers, Add 2-digit numbers with 2-digit numbers digits o Fill in the missing number within a sequence.

Level 4 – Basic Subtraction

After the addition comes the subtraction, of course, and we have to say that within this segment we will find some challenges such as Subtracting one-digit numbers, Subtracting 3 one-digit numbers or Subtracting 10 numbers.


Level 5 – Advanced Subtraction

And then we move on to advanced subtraction, specifically through a series of challenges that are not easy at all, among which we can find some such as Subtract 1-digit numbers from 2-digit numbers, Subtract 2-digit numbers from 2-digit numbers or Complete the missing number, which are not bad either.

Level 6 – Review of addition and subtraction

Your little one already knows how to do the math … but is he easy to find mistakes? At this level you will have to prove it, thanks to consultations on Addition and subtraction with one-digit numbers, Addition and subtraction with 3 one-digit numbers, and Addition and subtraction from 10.

Level 7 – Combination of addition and subtraction

The combinations of addition and subtraction exercises are usually quite complicated for the little ones, and that is why thanks to sections such as Addition and subtraction of one-digit numbers, Addition and subtraction of 1 and 2-digit numbers and Complete the number that lack will be able to demonstrate if they are up to the task

Level 8 – Final Challenge

The last level and the end of this game seems so complicated and even more than the previous ones, to the extent that we will have to prove ourselves capable of excelling in challenges such as Adding 2-digit numbers with 2-digit numbers, Subtracting numbers from 2 digits to 3-digit numbers or Fill in the missing number.

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