Microfusa opens its sound school in Madrid

Microfusa opens its sound school in Madrid

After the great success as a distributor and music production school in Barcelona, ​​Microfusa has landed in the capital with the launch, a few months ago, of its store on Calle Campoamor, 17 and with the inauguration yesterday of its sound school in Calle Ángel Muñoz, 14, in Madrid. The Microfusa school already has the first 60 students and hopes to soon reach the maximum capacity of around 450 students. Among the courses taught, there is the “complete” sound career, as well as very diverse courses of different levels on music production, electronic music, courses for DJing and even customized courses.

As César Fernández, one of the heads of the Microfusa school in Madrid, explained to Macworld, they hope to reach the figure of 450 students on average, as the “twin” school in Barcelona already has. He has also explained that among the most demanded degrees there is a lot of variety, although he has recognized that in addition to those who seek to train as sound professionals, there is a lot of demand from users who seek training to set up their own studio at home or to use the tools that they already have. “At the moment we have 60 students, especially from DJ courses, because we advertised in this area and they joined in October, but since many courses are joined in January, we hope to raise the number very soon and eventually have a occupation similar to that of the Barcelona school ”, declared César Fernández.

1,000 square meters with the latest in music creation

In the absence of filling up with students, the Microfusa school in Madrid has been endowed with excellent facilities and technological infrastructure. Thus, the school has two theoretical classrooms and two complete music computer classrooms, one of them with PC computers and the other equipped with the latest generation iMac, MIDI keyboards and sound interfaces for each student, in which applications such as Logic are handled. , GarageBand, Reason, or Pro Tools LE. The facilities also include three sound studios, one of them with more traditional infrastructures such as a Solid State analog console and even a tape multitrack tape recorder (which, despite being not very common technologies, still have some fans). Another of the studios is more oriented to multichannel production (surround) and has a Yamaha digital console as its center of operations. Additionally, there are two other studios, one for electronic music in which the use of synthesizers is emphasized, and another studio geared towards DJs.

Free creation session with Mac

Microfusa will celebrate tomorrow, Thursday 14, an open day at the school in which it will show, by the hand of some of the most expert professionals in our country, the latest in music production and editing tools based on Apple computers. (More information about these conferences at http://www.idg.es/macworld/content.asp?idn=52029.

Contact: Escuela Microfusa. Ángel Muñoz, 14. 28043. Madrid. Tel .: 91 510 56 99. Web: www.microfusa.com/formacion.