Microsoft introduced Windows 10 but what happened to Windows 9?

Microsoft introduced Windows 10 but what happened to Windows 9?

This week Microsoft presented its preliminary demo of the next version of Windows. And something that surprised most of those attending the event, as well as those who later saw the news, is that it was given the name Windows 10 and not Windows 9 as would be expected. So the first big question is what happened to Windows 9?

Windows 10

A single Windows 10 for all systems

At the head of many, the answer may focus on Microsoft wanting to put some distance between Windows 8 and this new version, that is, not to mark a continuity in the versions, but a jump, in such a way that it looks like something novel, or a way of acknowledging that Windows 8 did not turn out as well as expected. But how novel would Windows 10 be?

Windows 10 where new is the basics

TOOne is early to answer the question of how new is Windows 10 ?, but definitely Windows 10 will be characterized by returning to the basics, that is, the functions that are now shown as “new”They are truly the return of the good things that Windows 7 and its predecessors had and that they lost with Windows 8. In this way, the famous start menu returns in all its splendor, but not before doing a kind of mix with the tiles of the Windows 8 metro interface. Windows are also now always available without forcing us to touch the environment.

Windows 10

The triumphant return of an old friend “the start menu”

Another improvement is related to the Apps of the touch environment that in the previous version of Windows had to run in full screen, now they can run in the form of windows, which represents in my concept an improvement (or a return) to the essentials of Windows, ie the windows!

Windows 10

Touch environment Apps can now live in windows

The list of improvements and additions is not short, and the presenters showed all kinds of small and large tweaks that have been made to Windows 10. One of the most significant changes is the integration of the operating system to all types of devices, thus selling as a single system for both PC and mobile devices, with a single application store. In this section I believe that Microsoft has taken a step in the right direction, in its fight for the mobile market.

Windows 10

The windows snap now allows automatic ordering of up to 4 windows

Another great addition (which in my opinion takes too long to get to Windows) is the ability to have multiple desktops open at the same time, and thus organize multiple work environments. This is especially useful if you are one of those who have thousands of windows open on time.

Windows 10

Now you can work with multiple desktops

What do you think of this new version of Windows? Do you think that popular myth that Microsoft releases a good version of Windows followed by a bad one is true? Make your own comparisons going backwards from Windows 8 and you will find the aforementioned pattern (Windows 8 “bad”, Windows 7 “good”, Windows vista “bad”, Windows XP “good” … and the list goes on)

Windows timeline

Windows timeline is the myth fulfilled?

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