Microsoft presents some details of Office 2008 for Mac

Microsoft presents some details of Office 2008 for Mac

Office 2007 adds a host of new features, but the one that will catch the eye of Mac users is its ability to work natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based computers. In fact, Office has been one of the last key applications to add such support for Apple’s latest hardware.

According to statements by Sheridan Jones (Group Marketing Manager at Microsoft Mac BU) to Macworld USA, “I am really impressed with the speed [de la versión para Intel], especially with intensive graphics tasks. “

Office 2008 for Mac will share some technologies with the Windows version, Office 2007, improving the compatibility aspects between both versions. Both versions will use the Office Open XML formats, making it easy to save and open files independently on both platforms.

The Office 2007 for Windows version introduces a new user interface feature called Ribbon that provides users with quick access to specific tools. The Mac version will include a similar feature called the Elements Gallery and Document Parts, by which you can automate some of the most common tasks, such as adding a table of contents or headers and footers to documents.

According to Jones, “We want to make things more obvious. We’ve really worked hard on the Office 2008 for Mac user interface, especially on the usability of the product.”

Other new features of Office 2008 for Mac are the Vista Publishing Layout, which allows users to create documents with a rich layout in Word, as well as the Ledger Sheets feature and which allows Excel to perform the most common financial management tasks such as budgets, invoices and records without requiring users to create complex formulas.

Another little application that will ship with Office 2008 is “My Day.” This stand-alone application allows users to manage and track priorities, always staying in the foreground regardless of the application currently being worked on and without requiring Entourage to run. My Day allows users to color-code any note to better visualize daily priorities.