Miglia has two new handsets for VoIP

Miglia has two new handsets for VoIP

DialogPhone is a cordless phone with full integration with iChat AV and Skype. It offers a range of action of up to 8 meters and has a very attractive design. It is priced at $ 80, making it an inexpensive option for voice over IP communication.

For its part, Dialog + is a cordless phone that currently offers compatibility with Skype and which, according to Miglia, will be compatible with iChat AV later this month. It is recharged through any USB port, it can record conversations carried out with both Skype and iChat and offers a coverage of up to 25 meters. Windows computer users can also use this phone with MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and AIM. Its price is 100 dollars.

The minimum requirements for these products to work properly on a Mac are: G4, G5 or Intel processor; Mac OS X 10.4, USB 2.0 port, and a broadband Internet connection.

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