Miglia presents TVDuo

Miglia Technology has announced TVDuo, which according to the manufacturer is the first dual TV tuner compatible with Macintosh.

According to Eric Ferraz, Chief Technology Officer at Miglia Technology, “TVDuo offers a complete DVR experience for desktop Macs by integrating two digital terrestrial television tuners. TVDuo is compatible with the DVB-T standard, and works with most European and Asian countries. “

The product is connected through the Mac’s USB port, from which it takes power for operation, and is accompanied by Elgato’s EyeTV2 software. Together, it allows you to record the TV signal, remove advertisements from recorded material, watch live television, access EPG information on the Internet, or schedule recordings among other functions, as well as export the materials to the iPod.

TVDuo requires a 1 GHz Mac G4 or higher, with Mac OS X 10.4.x or higher. The price of the product is approximately 210 EUR.

Web: http://www.miglia.com/products/video/TVDuo/index.html