Mobile Applications How to Pass Applications and Games via Bluetooth How many times does it happen that we have an app or game that a …

How many times does it happen that we have an app or game that a friend wants, but it is not in the Play Store? Whatever the reason that our friend cannot download the app using the Internet, it would be quite convenient then that you can send it to him, right? Next, we are going to see a fairly short tutorial, but effective and above all very simple, so you can send via bluetooth any application or game that you already have installed on your mobile device, in this way sharing different applications with your friends will be very simple and the best of all is that it will not only serve you for that, since with the app that we are going to use “Star”We will be able to create backups of our apps and data in order to have a backup for when we need it.

To pass apps and games over Bluetooth we are going to need a few apps that will make our lives easier not only for this, but also for several other things.

How to transfer games and applications to another mobile

The first thing we are going to have to do is download Astro, it is a very useful file manager that can serve us not only to pass applications, but for other very interesting things such as creating backups and then restoring them.


Then with Astro we will generate an APK of the application As? Quite simple, the only thing we are going to do is once the app is open, go to the “Settings” and later “Application manager“Once there we simply have to click on the tab”Applications“And after selecting the app you want to pass we have to press”Backup copy”. Leaving the app in question in a color quite different from how it was previously.

The next thing we are going to do to be able to pass an app or game over Bluetooth is to go to the Play Store or follow this link to download Bluetooth File Transfer.

Once installed what we have to do is with our file explorer look in the backup folder that is possibly on the microSD, although if you don’t have it, it will obviously be in the internal storage.

We look for the file that has a. apk, we mark it and press to send via bluetooth and voila, you can send various applications or games in APK via bluetooth, the other person can install them without any kind of problems or restrictions.