Mobile Tutorials Decompose a Mobile Device. Although it sounds strange, we teach you how I am going to be totally honest and it is that I never …

I’m going to be totally honest with you and I never imagined writing something like that. The point is that the reality is this, many users are looking for some way to break down your mobile devices, but be careful they try to do it without being noticed in any way, without even the guarantee being able to realize the reason? Obviously it can be a lot, perhaps to make the insurance pay for a new one or to have it replaced, even young people could get their parents to buy them a new and better device. In short, you will know the reasons, we will teach you how to decompose the cell phone and nothing else.

An employee shows the curved screen of a new Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone device following its launch at a Samsung Electronics Co. news conference ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain, on Sunday, March 1, 2015. The event, which generates several hundred million euros in revenue for the city of Barcelona each year, also means the world for a week turns its attention back to Europe for the latest in technology, despite a lagging ecosystem.  Photographer: Simon Dawson / Bloomberg

Spoiling the mobile

Many people turn to how simple it is immerse it in the water for a while to be destroyed. The issue gentlemen is that the mobiles inside them, basically in the battery have a seal which when it comes into contact with water turns red. Imagine that it is one of the first things that is checked by the technical service. Are you imagining it? So getting it wet is not an option.

The way to destroy it without anyone, not even the technical service being able to realize that it was us, is basically with the battery of a motorcycle or a car. The idea is in a few words that you make a short circuit to mobile and in this way there will not be any kind of clue that indicates that it was you who began to break down the mobile.

How to do it?

We basically need a meter of speaker wire. What is it? It is the one that is finite and that has a black one and a red one that would be negative and positive. In addition, the battery and the mobile are obviously necessary, this is essential, must be able to be able to remove the batteryOtherwise, this process will not work.


Basically what we have to do is exactly what you can see in the image above. The idea is that you put the positive and negative cable on the battery, which should be outside the mobile phone. This is to increase the voltage used by the Smartphone to turn on, then being the most powerful car battery in a nutshell when the mobile is turned on it will be completely destroyed And no one is ever going to find out that it was you who did it.

Now if the important part for us at least is that since ReadWritteWeb We are not responsible for the fact that in a few words you damage your own mobile, you must make the possibility of someone discovering that it was accidentally you who did the damage, it exists, it will always exist.