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Every time we make a call our phone number will appear, unless a change will be made before since there are many operators that give you the option to hide it so that every time you make a call your number is not seen. This option can be very useful if you are very concerned about privacy, since many times we have to call an unknown person about whom we do not know much and the phone number is an important piece of information for us, so not everyone can have it.


The bad luck is that this only works for calls because when you send messages the number is always displayed. Next I will tell you how you should do to call and that your number remains hidden.

Call with temporarily hidden number

In the event that you have to call once or once every so often with a hidden number you can activate it using a small code. This varies according to the operator you have, which can be:

  • Movistar: * 31 # (mobile), * 67 # (landline)
  • Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo: # 31 #

Then according to the operator you have, you are going to dial this code and then you will put the number you want to call, that’s how easy it is to call with a hidden number. It is important that you remember that when you use this code, the hiding will only be activated with that call, if you cut and call again without dialing the code, your phone will appear anyway. Normally this kind of service is free so you will not have to worry about an additional cost, but still be careful with how you use it.


Call with hidden number always

If you want your number not to be seen directly with all the calls you make then you have to do the following, but as I told you before you have to use this benefit with caution. On many devices you can hide the call by doing this:

  • First you go to settings
  • Then phone, here you can find an option called “Send my own number” or “hide identity”
  • This more than anything depends on the model of your mobile.
  • You just have to activate the option you want.

On the other hand, There are several operators that give you the possibility to call with a hidden number from the moment you hire the service and if you want to make a call without hiding it, all you have to do is dial the code, as it will work the other way around.

This hidden number service is not foolproof because emergency calls are not hidden in any case, although it must be taken into account that for the rest it is very useful.

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