Mobile Tutorials How can I know if a cell phone has infrared? Do you remember infrared? It is something that many devices in other times …

Do you remember the infrared? It is something that many devices in other times had by default that was later removed from various ranges for years and that today we can find in several new mobiles that come on the market and that ends up generating great comfort to the user so that we can end up controlling a wide variety of products in our home such as remote control of the television.

How to know if a cell phone has infrared

Keep in mind that when you have infrared on your mobile, not only You can control a television but it is also possible that you can control air conditioners, radios, decoders, etc.

In order to know whether or not your Smartphone is compatible with this technology, then you must install an application called AnyMote Universal Remote. With which you can detect if your mobile is compatible with infrared or not in a fairly simple way, simply by installing the app in the same way that you can detect with another app if you are root or not. That easy.

I don’t have infrared, what do I do?

Don’t worry, it’s not really the end of the world either, If you don’t have infrared, you can buy a device that emulates infrared. on the mobile, which obviously helps you to turn it into a control for the products of our home without having to go out to buy a new device.


It is a small device which is connected to the “Jack” port of the headphones. In this way, it can work with the app that we have installed to control the television in order to control it.

Let’s keep in mind that if you search in the store with the name “Infrared Android” you will end up finding a great variety of these devices which obviously have quite different prices. Some are more expensive than others, but the differences are generally quite few, so I recommend that you buy some intermediate to not spend a fortune on it.

Keep in mind that some new smartphones will not have infrared, even several quite popular from different companies like Samsung and HuaweiThey do not have such technology since, on average, there are not too many users who need it or simply if they do not have it, there are not too many problems.