Mobile Tutorials How to activate notifications on the lock screenNotifications are essential in any kind of mobile device, they are, …

Notifications are essential in any kind of mobile device, they are, after all, those in charge in a few words of showing us notifications of everything that happens on our phone. Be it missed calls, messages from different social networks or messaging applications, SMS. Even notifications of games and different applications among other things. In short for stay informed of everything that happens in the different apps that we have on our mobile it is essential to have them activated and working properly.

But undoubtedly it is too useful to have them on our lock screen, in this way we can visualize them in a more agile way and above all things in a faster way without too many problems.

Turn on lock screen notifications

The first thing we have to do is go to the “Settings” part of our mobile device. Once we are here what we will have to do is go to the option that says “Lock Screen / Security”. Now what we are going to have to do is press where it says “Notifications” and then select where it says “Notifications on lock screen”.

Up to here you follow me? We are almost there. What we have to do among the options that appears is to press on the one that says “Show content” and this is where we should see that “Show notifications from” appears. A list of all apps that could show notifications precisely on the screen, you must enable each of the ones you want to appear.

This method is extremely simple and works on all devices Android, it must be taken into account that, obviously, depending on the version of the operating system of Google that you have, it is possible that some options may change or may not be called the same, but as a general rule it is almost always the same or similar.

It is an interesting option to be able to review notifications quickly and comfortably without having to stop paying attention to what you are doing, especially if you are working for example or doing something that requires a lot of your attention. In this way you can check to see if it is something extremely important or is it something that you can verify laterIn short, it is a lifesaver in case you live in college or work too long and they do not allow you to use your mobile.