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In recent times, we have seen how not only the mobile devices of traditional firms were acquired by millions by Spanish users, but something similar happens with those that come from China. Indeed, most of the features of these terminals are the same as those we use every day from Samsung, Apple, Sony or LG, but there are other differences to consider.

This, of course, because one of the keys to the correct operation of our mobiles today has to do with directly with the integral use of 3G or 4G networks, according to which one supports. For this reason, we emphasize the need to know some basic tricks that will make our Chinese mobile work as it should once we bring it to Spain.

Precisely, one of those tricks has to do with the bands, and that is that sometimes our Chinese smartphone cannot connect to the 3G or 4G networks that are around us due to a band problem, neither more nor less. In this article, we are going to show you specifically what you should do whenever your Chinese mobile needs a band change, because it is an easy but effective tutorial.


How to activate 3G or 4G on a Chinese Android mobile?

The first thing we must mention in this case is that the change of networks to 3G or 4G may be necessary in case our Chinese mobile has not been approved, and is barely connected to 2G networks. Beyond that, there is the case that someone intends to return to 2G networks if they are looking to make a call and not cut it, something that from the connectivity section is really simple.

For that, we have to open the data section of our smartphone, which in many of the Android terminals is just one step away, since we only have to lower the menu that is located at the top of the device. Beyond that, according to the manufacturer there could be some differences but not too big, so just stop when you get to the aforementioned data section.

To give you an idea, in my LG G4 it looks as follows, a series of sections in which the third of them is called “Network mode”, but the truth is that in Chinese mobiles there could be some differences , as we said. In any case, just by paying attention to the different menus that appear along the way, have no doubt that you will end up accessing these contents.

Once you are in this section, you will see that the options are as many as the compatibility of your smartphone allows, although the normal thing is that some in particular appear like for example “2G / 3G / 4G automatic”, “2G / 3G automatic”, “only 3G” or “only 2G”, which will obviously change which are the options or the network power that we can access later.

It is extremely easy to choose one of these options, although of course it will depend on which one you need and the mobile data plan you are paying for, because it may not make sense to stay connected to 4G if you are going to be studying or working for a long time and not you plan to pay attention to your smartphone. On the contrary, you could activate the 4G when you want to watch a movie or video on the street.

Have you been able to activate the 3G or 4G of your Chinese mobile with this simple trick?