Mobile Tutorials How to fix a phone that fell into water It is relatively normal that, even once in a lifetime …

It is relatively normal that, even once in our lives, we drop our phone into the water. Whether in the kitchen, in the bathroom or wherever, the issue isHow to fix a wet phone? It is a question that many constantly ask themselves because even if you have not dropped it yet, the doubt is since there is nothing better than staying prepared for these kinds of situations and informed, which is essential to know what to do in case of drop your mobile into the water.

In this article I want to talk precisely about this topic, so that you learn how to fix a phone that fell into the water or just so you know what to do once this kind of thing happens to you.

How to fix phone that got wet

It is not so serious that your phone falls into the water if you do what I tell you now in this article, because if you do not do it, you can obviously end up losing your device.

The bottom line is that when you drop your phone in water or get too wet, what you should do immediately is turn it offIn case the battery is removable you should also remove it to avoid any kind of problems.

The idea is that it is off to avoid shorting the motherboard when the humidity reaches it, although it would be ideal if it barely gets wet, take it apart and take it to a technical service.

But in case you know how to completely disarm the mobile, by washing it with isopropyl alcohol you can remove all the water and moisture that the device hasAfter this, you should let everything dry for about two or three hours and then reassemble the phone in question.

How to repair a wet mobile phone

It is not complicated at all to solve the problem, it is quite simple to fix a mobile phone that fell into the water, the only thing that is needed is patience and caution obviously. In case you do not know how to disassemble the mobile, to avoid problems I would recommend that you turn it off and also take it to a specialized technical service so that a professional can take care of it.

When one does not know too much and does not have the necessary tools, nothing better than leaving the task of fix the wet mobile, lest we damage it more and we may even lose the phone permanently.