Mobile Tutorials How to know if my phone is tapped The spy thing seems like something from a movie, but not …

Mobile Tutorials How to know if my phone is tapped The spy thing seems like something from a movie, but not …

The spy thing seems like something out of a movie, but it isn’t. Communications tapping has been more in vogue in recent months than ever due to the scandals that have plagued the United States Administration. This situation has caused a certain insecurity and some paranoia among some users, who now feel insecure when using their mobile phones. Therefore, let’s explain how to know if my phone is tapped.

What is a tapped phone?

A tapped or tapped telephone is one in which the conversations that take place through it can be heard by a third person without any of the participants in the conversation knowing.

When it comes to mobile phones, another possibility is remotely activate the phone’s microphone to hear everything that happens around the phoneeven though a phone conversation is not taking place.

Only the police with the corresponding permission from a judicial authority can carry out legal phone jabs in the framework of an investigation, but the proliferation of hackers and applications to spy with the mobile, facilitate that the intervention of communications can be carried out by unauthorized persons.

How to know if my phone is tapped

How to know if my phone is tapped

If you think your phone has been tapped, there are several indications that can help you verify it. However, you must bear in mind that these indications are not always 100% reliable, that is, although some of them occur on your phone, this does not necessarily mean that the phone is tapped, sometimes it is simply a device failure.

Signs that may indicate that a telephone is tapped:

  • The device gets hotter than usual when making a phone call
  • Battery lasts less than usual
  • The phone shows an abnormal operation and it is common for the screen to light up suddenly, applications disappear without us having deleted them or the smartphone to turn off for no reason.
  • Interference noises are heard during calls
  • Noise is heard on the phone even when it is not in use

As we mentioned before, sometimes the presence of these signs may be due to a failure in the device itself, so it is convenient to check that there is no error in it.

If we believe that someone is improperly accessing our communications, the best we can do is go directly to the police to report it. They will be in charge of finding out if there really is a puncture in our telephone device.

How to know if my phone is tapped

Conversation spying

Protecting our communications concerns us now more than ever, whether it is telephone conversations or conversations via WhatsApp or other instant messaging systems.

This anxiety to make sure that no one finds out what we talk about with other people can become common if we take into account that it is not difficult to find information about how to hack WhatsApp to spy on conversations.

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