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While is true that Most of the manufacturers of smartphones work every year so that the screens of their devices are increasingly stronger and do not suffer from falls or shocks, there is a problem that we cannot escape. It is about the screen of our mobile breaking, and the higher the cost of the device, the higher the cost of the repair, so it is advisable to be extremely careful.

The truth is that nobody likes to see their mobile screen brokenBut we don’t always have the solution to this common problem on hand, and it is clear that most will not want to continue using their phone with a chipped screen. It is not only an aesthetic problem, but to tell the truth, we are also in the presence of a problem that could affect our health in the face of a new fall.

At this point, we have to say that there are currently some different options among them that we have on hand to try to solve the problem of a broken screen, although each user will have their own. This, always discarding as we said before that you continue with the broken screen everywhere, something that we absolutely do not recommend, so let’s see what options we have.


Broken mobile screen, what do we do?

The first possible solution to a broken mobile screen is, of course, to send the phone to the official technical repair service. Of course, nobody likes to have to pay an arrangement that usually goes between 70 and 120 euros, but it is the only way to ensure that the device is as new. If you have a valid warranty, even better, because that way you will have a free professional fix.

If you no longer have a warranty, we have to say that it is really likely that you understand that you can save some money by taking it to a mobile repair shop that does not depend on the company or manufacturer. In these cases, the arrangements may be cheaper, although there are cases in which We can check with the naked eye that the replacement screen is not the official one, so it is better to be somewhat suspicious about it.

Many people have insurance from the seller if it is a store or business, and that is why it is convenient to resort to it to be completely sure that we do not have one before operating in any case. For this reason, we recommend that you consider this option, although We must warn you that you could spend a good number of days without your device at hand, which can be somewhat annoying.

Obviously, we are sure that some users, the most audacious, will want to risk the possibility of repairing their mobile screens themselves, although here we always recommend turning to a professional. Beyond that, you will find replacement screens at very affordable prices on sites like eBay or Aliexpress., so if you are really convinced to repair it yourself, you can start there.

If you have decided to take the trouble to change the screen of your smartphone yourself, you have to know that for most current devices we can find videos on YouTube that explain how the procedure is. For that very reason, just by following the steps indicated there, you will have a much better chance of success, so now we leave you an example below so you can see what we say.

What have you done with your broken screen smartphone?