Mobile Tutorials Improve Front Camera Quality Is It Possible? We tell you how to achieve it I still remember which was my first mobile phone, the remembered Motorola …

I still remember which was my first mobile phone, the one I remembered Motorola C200. A considerably basic device when compared to the ones we have today. Where you could hardly send SMS, calls and little more than that. Not to mention the classic game of Snake or worm that he always had to be on basic mobiles.

Things are progressing, especially in the world of technology and we cannot deny that a leap was made in this that was simply enormous. From one day to the next we could say that mobile phones like the Motorola C200 end up finding ourselves with iPhone 7, with Samsung S7 and even with explosive mobiles like the Samsung Note 7Anyway, we have a bit of everything today and we can do hundreds of things that, unlike in other times, we did need a computer, now it is not even necessary to make purchases or anything similar.

Improve the quality of the smartphone’s front camera

One of the things that evolved more and more and in an impressive way was undoubtedly the subject of cameras. Which clearly became essential on any mobile device. Most mid-high-end mobiles always have a better quality back than the front one, because after all, it is normal that we use the back more than the front one, which for selfies with about 5 megapixels it is enough.

But many people feel the need to improve the front camera, to take better pictures perhaps because it has less than 5 megapixels (generally the front ones have 2-3) one of the big mistakes that most people make is to leave everything on automatic thinking it has the best possible configuration when it is far from being a reality.

The most important thing you should adjust, making it clear that it is important that you adjust everything. But with what you are going to notice the most changes is basically touching the focus, white balance and the ISO. It is important that the adjustments so that you like them, we can not give you advice in this regard because I think it is something quite personal. You should go adjusting it, testing to see how it looks and when you manage to leave it to your liking, open considerably improved the quality of the photographs you take with the front camera of your mobile.