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Although mobile terminals with Android operating system tend to work well in most cases, it happens that in some countries their costs are too high for users, and therefore, they take advantage of their trips abroad to buy their devices on sites such as the United States, where they are cheaper. Once back home, these users have to install their own SIM card. However, some problems may appear unexpected, which we want to teach you to avoid whenever possible.

In fact, we have been receiving a good amount of inquiries from MiraHowTo do it readers who indicate that they have received a very particular message. at the time of SIM installation or placement, it says the following “The phone could not be activated. The SIM card is from an unknown origin”. Indeed, the problem is that if we do not solve this problem, the mobile device will not only not be associated with any particular number, but we will not be able to use the mobile data on it either.

For the rest, and before going into all the details about it, we have to clarify that the users who have been affected by this problem are especially those who bought the phone from Verizon, one of the main companies in the United States within this segment. The problem appears when, once in their countries of return, they place the SIM of their mobile operator. The device does not recognize it, and that makes the terminal in question practically completely unusable.

Fix invalid SIM card

The first thing we have to say, if this problem has happened to you, is that it is a common problem, that it has a solution, and that it is more common than most would think. Indeed, the message appears because the phone detects that a SIM card other than the original factory has been inserted. In any case, the quickest solution that we can consider is to release the device, as that makes it compatible with any SIM card that we install or place.

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