Mobile Tutorials Why I have little storage space Something that is very far from reality, is the problem …

Mobile Tutorials Why I have little storage space Something that is very far from reality, is the problem …

Something that is very far from reality, is the problem that many users have suffered with great insistence and is that Android often sends the notification that there is little storage space in the device, so many of the first thing they do is uninstall applications or delete photos, videos, from the device, without knowing that there are many ways to free up space other than the conventional ones in At this point we will try to answer what many users wonder why I have little storage space.

I have little storage space, what should I do?

This is something that happens frequently and is that the vast majority of low-mid-range Smartphone, which do not usually come with a lot of space in their internal memory, due to the fact that to a great extent This is used for the Android operating system, with its applications and files necessary for its operationAs is the case with the Samsung Galaxy J2, almost all the space is used and when installing some applications the space is exhausted, something that becomes quite problematic, because we want some other better functions and we cannot enjoy them due to this problem.

Free up Android device memory

However, this comes from many causes, the main one is that the applications, games that we have, are installed but for this Android has designed a function that allows us to move applications to the Micro SD memory card, something that is quite good and the truth helps too much for this storage problem to be largely solved, It is very simple, you just have to go to settings-> applications-> choose the application you want to move and if it allows it, move it to the micro SD cardNote that not all applications are compatible with this function, something that should be very important to point out is this, but most applications with large amounts of files have this option active.

Another way to have extra space on our Android cell phone is to optimize the system, there are a few applications that are capable of this task, as well as ourselves, cleaning applications that consume too much space.

Many of us use Facebook on our mobile devices, it has just released a slightly lighter option of its great application, it is lighter and smaller from here we recommend it and we leave a link for you to download it when you can.

Download here

Among other things, we hope we have helped you free up your mobile space a bit, something that really comes in handy when we have a fairly limited space to carry out our daily tasks.