Mondly Apps: 33 Different Languages ​​You Can Learn We all know that learning a foreign language can be very beneficial,…

Mondly Apps: 33 Different Languages ​​You Can Learn We all know that learning a foreign language can be very beneficial,…

We all know that learning a foreign language can be very beneficial, especially since it can open many doors to work and study abroad. But what better way to learn a new language than with your device ios?, this is because in the official app store for iOS we can find a lot of apps to learn languages, between them Mondly.

If you are a person who finds it difficult to learn a new language, either due to lack of time, little will power to complete your courses or it is difficult for you to study by yourself, then you should try another strategy. For example, talking to a foreigner, since the best way to learn a language is to speak it, not read it in books.


What is Mondly?

Mondly It is a very good tool for learning languages, since it implements a very interesting method and the use of an advanced chat with voice recognition.

This makes Mondly It is an excellent option to learn to speak a foreign language, since it would be very similar to speaking with a foreign person in their own language, because step by step, you will learn to speak and understand what you hear.

Even though Mondly It does not provide any guarantee that you will learn a foreign language in a month, it is very sure that in a short time you will see some results, as it is a very good way to learn.

In a few minutes, you can start memorizing the most basic words, form sentences, learn phrases, and be part of a conversation. Language lessons are fun to improve your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation like no other language learning method available. It does not matter if you are a student, traveler or a professional person with a very busy schedule, since the application adapts very well to your needs.


Mondly Features:

As you should imagine, an application to learn foreign languages ​​must be very well designed, without errors and with a large number of features that, in addition to being functional, are truly effective. Among the most outstanding features that Mondly can offer us, we have the following:

  • The chatbot is the best way to practice conversations, because this artificial intelligence chat is capable of understanding speech and responding again with a human voice. Best of all, this can be a lot of fun to learn.
  • Mondly has 33 available languages ​​that you can learn, not from English, but from 32 languages. The interface, the course and the app store page are all translated into your native language.
  • Availability of a completely free daily lesson and a weekly Quiz, being Mondly the only application where users receive a new lesson every day and completely free of charge and not only this, but also with a personalized notification to keep learning the language.


Other features:

  • Crystal clear audio and professional actor voices, so you can learn the pronunciation of a conversation between native speakers.
  • Very useful phrases that you can use in real situations, it is important to take into account that memorizing many words is not the right way when what you want is to learn a language. Mondly, teaches you a vocabulary through basic phrases and words, thus separating the learning process into short lessons and thematic packages.
  • Conversations are the main reason to take this free course, as this will help you build a basic vocabulary with the most used nouns and verbs.
  • With this course you will be able to learn the conjugation of verbs correctly, since you will only have to click on the verb to obtain the complete conjugation, including the translation, this being much faster and better than a dictionary.
  • The advanced statistics system allows the application to use intelligent reports, so you can always follow your progress, build your vocabulary little by little and improve in the language.
  • The leaderboard allows you to see how your friends are progressing and compete with people from all over the world to be the best student. If you take the weekly Quiz it would help you even more to achieve it.

All this makes Mondly be the best way to learn languages ​​such as Spanish, American English, French, German, among others and for free. So that by the end of these lessons you will be able to master the 5000 most useful words and phrases, being on the fast track to learning a new language.

How does Mondly work?

You must first download Mondly, in order to enjoy the lessons and learn any of the 33 languages ​​available. For this, you can use the following link which will take you to the application in the official apple app store, it won’t take long since it weighs 68.3MB, so in a few minutes you can start your lessons.

When you have downloaded the application, you will be able to choose the lessons you want, you will learn from the most basic that would be to greet, identify people, etc. even having a conversation with the chat that is capable of answering you with a human voice.

You will see a lots of lessons available and topics you can take to learn at your own pacesuch as food and drink, pets, vacation activities, body parts, countries, etc.


Conclusion on Mondly:

There is no doubt that Mondly It is an excellent option to learn a new language, the methodology it proposes appears to be very effective, so it can give excellent results in a very short time. Also has 33 languages ​​available, so you will surely find the one you want to learn.