Mozilla releases Thunderbird 2

In the new version, users can add tags to posts to facilitate cataloging, a feature that has proven very popular with other blogging and photo-sharing sites, according to Mozilla. The add tags feature replaces the static tags that users can assign to messages in previous versions of the client. Another novelty in this version is an option to search the mail by history, similar to how it can be done in a browser.

Thundeerbird 2’s search field will start showing results as soon as the user starts typing, and searches can be sorted into folders, as Mozilla has indicated. The client can also access other web-based clients, such as Gmail and .Mac.

The notification feature has also been refined. New messages generate a notice indicating the subject and sender of new messages in the lower right corner of the screen, fading after a few seconds.

On the security side, Thunderbird 2 blocks remote images embedded in email messages. The spam filter can learn from messages to block messages with similar patterns, a feature that is also used in combination with spam filters offered by the webmail provider, according to Mozilla.

Thunderbird 2 is a free client available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.