MW Expo: Geophoto shows the geographical location of the photos

Geophoto allows photos to be selected and dragged over a specific location on the earth to create a “geotag” tag or marker that serves to reference the images on a specific location on the globe. Images can be shared with other users.

Geophoto is compatible with iPhoto and allows you to browse Flickr’s photo-sharing service. The application is not limited only to the use of images, it can be used together with the information of the contacts, hyperlinks and in general, with any other type of file.

Geophoto also supports 3Dconnexion’s Space Navigator connection, a 3-D input device, and is capable of interpreting the information (GPS) stored by GPS-equipped digital cameras in the images taken.

The minimum requirements for its correct operation are: Mac OS X v10.4 or higher versions and 64 MB of graphic memory. Geophoto is a Universal Binary application and will be available from next month, its price will be 40 dollars.