MW Expo: MacForensics, Forensic Analysis Tool

MW Expo: MacForensics, Forensic Analysis Tool

It is a Universal Binary application and has been developed to serve as a basis to facilitate the work of forensic activities on a wide series of calculation platforms and storage devices.

MacForensicsLab 2.0 includes new features such as: a tool that filters pictures with the matching of skin tones, you can also filter by the possible social security number and credit card numbers. The new version allows researchers to multitask at the same time. It has a save function that allows users to add their own file types. There is a new database engine built on SQL to allow the handling of more data and a list function that allows to exclude or include specific articles.

MacForensicsLab is now available for a price of $ 995 and for its correct operation it needs Mac OS X 10.3 or any higher version.