Netflix Netflix: How to Delete the History Possibly you know very well that Netflix is ​​one of the platforms …

Possibly you know very well that Netflix is one of the most used platforms in the world to visualize children’s movies, series and shows in the world. You are part of a community of people who use this platform daily to stay entertained by accessing quite varied content in a totally secure way, but above all fast and with an impressive quality.

But in case you are interested, if you want delete Netflix history For whatever reason, maybe because you don’t want anyone to see what you have seen because you share the account at home or simply because you want to hide all the movies or series that you have seen simply for convenience, it is actually quite easy to achieve.

How to hide or delete Netflix history

To achieve this is actually one of the simplest things we can do, we simply enter the official Web evidently. Once there we will have to log in with the account in which we want to delete the history so that then, simply pressing the X that appears next to the title of either the series, movie or children’s content, in this way we make sure we have removed from our history and from the viewed list.

Keep in mind that the process cannot be reversed if 24 hours have passed. Likewise, if in the future you want to continue watching said series or film, you just have to look for it and ready to be able to see it again, although of course, in case of being a series you will not be able to see the chapter where you were going and it will be a matter of you remembering exactly where you left off In the case of being a film, there is no problem in reality since it is obviously a single video in a nutshell.

In turn, when 24 hours pass, not only delete from our web browser history, but it is deleted from all the devices where you logged in with that account because in reality the movie or series is deleted from the account itself and not from the browser you are using (Google Chrome to give you an example).

In any case, if you have questions or comments about it, we wait for you in the comments so that in this way we can all inform ourselves a little more about all the possibilities Netflix has to offer us.