Netflix Watch Netflix on your mobile or tablet, different ways to do itNetflix arrived in Spain on October 20, 2016 and …

Netflix arrived in Spain on October 20, 2016 and it has become a revolution, although it seems that more competition is going to arrive very soon. It can watch Netflix on your mobile or tablet from its official application, but you can also use other types of applications to enjoy all its content.

Watch Netflix on your mobile or tablet with the official application

If you have already signed up for Netflix from its website, you can download the official application from the Google Play Store. You register with your passwords and you immediately have access to all the content that the platform offers in its version for Spain.


Watch Netflix on your mobile or tablet through unofficial applications

Hello Free is a service that Through a VPN it simulates that we are connecting from another part of the world, so that we can access Netflix content as if we were connecting from outside Spain, being able to access, for example, the US platform.

Netflix and other applications can be installed directly from Hola Free, but you can also install Hola Free and the rest of the applications separately, it works the same. By clicking on “Browsing From” we can choose the country from which we want to connect and by clicking on “Turn Off” we disconnect the VPN and reconnect from our real location.

In We can download its application, from said app we can access the American Netflix, although it will be necessary for us to register and enter a five-digit zip code.


The streaming revolution

Netflix has been one of the pioneers in Spain in offering streaming content legally. Its catalog is being completed little by little and already has thousands of movies and series to watch.

One of its main advantages is that in most cases it uploads the entire seasons of the series, which makes it easier for users to do their particular marathons.

It includes content of all genres, it even has a special section for children through which parents make sure that their children will not be able to access content that is not appropriate for their age.

At the moment Netflix does not have much competition in Spain, but the platform of HBO and of Amazon they are about to arrive, so his reign could end in the next few months. The presence of more platforms of this type will force a new distribution of series between all of them and it is clear that all will want to broadcast the latest releases.

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