Netscape founder switches to Mac

As published on the GigaOM news site, Andreessen’s previous machine, a Lenovo ThinkPad notebook PC, was unstable, so he decided to buy a new laptop, in this case a 15-inch MacBook Pro, a decision he is very much on. happy.

As Andreessen states: “I used to be a Mac user until 1994”, “now I am a Mac user again”. Until 1995, the Netscape browser had 80 percent of the web browser market, until the release of Windows 95. At that time Microsoft made Internet Explorer available to users for free.

Microsoft worked very hard to unseat Netscape from its leadership position in the web browser market, and bundled its Internet Explorer browser into its operating systems, forcing computer manufacturers to adopt it as the default browser for all. PCs with Windows operating system.

The war between browsers began, and by 1998 Internet Explorer became the most used browser in the world. The dispute between the two companies ended in court and Microsoft had to pay the new owner of Netscape AOL $ 750 million in May 2003 in a so-called antitrust judgment.