New Alpha for Firefox 3.0

If you are a web developer using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, then you may be interested in the second alpha version of Firefox 3.0. The new alpha version that has been codenamed “Gran Paradiso” is available for download from the developer’s website.

At this stage of development, Gran Paradiso is not yet ready for general use. Its developers have indicated that this is “a very early stage” in order to show what is being prepared for the next generation of Mozilla’s preview engine, Gecko 1.9. Mozilla advises that this version should be used “for evaluation purposes only,” and is intended especially for application developers and their community of testers.

The developers have stated that “current Mozilla Firefox users should not use Gran Paradiso’s Alpha 2. There are no significant changes to the user interface, but there are improvements to the core renderings and previews generation.”

Among the changes in Gran Paradiso Alpha 2 is the fact that the minimum requirements have been raised to Mac OS X 10.3.9. The code in charge of handling the calculation of the width of the widths and of the elements located with absolute values ​​has changed, as well as the code in charge of handling the progressive design of the pages. Another of the improvements indicated corresponds to an “improved support of Mac widgets”.