New color management solution from Eizo and Epson

The result is Color Matching Solution, a solution that does not require any technical advice or is based on the color adjustment of the human eye, thus saving time and improving the work efficiency of professionals and advanced amateurs by allowing them to achieve on the printer results faithful to what is being seen on the screen.

The collaboration combines Eizo’s ColorEdge CE LCD monitors with the X-Rite DTP94B calibration system and Epson’s UltraChrome K3 series professional printers. Through the calibration system, the amount of white in the paper and its brightness are measured to later adjust the monitor with the same level of white, so that the match between the color seen on the monitor and that obtained on paper is exact.

Within the ColorEdge CE series are the ColorEdge 240CW (24.1-inch) and CE210W (21.1-inch) LCD monitors. Both are panoramic models, with an aspect ratio of 16:10, and are aimed at professionals and amateurs of digital photography, graphic design and digital media. Included with Eizo’s ColorEdge CE series is ColorNavigator CE calibration software, which offers X-Rite DTP94B compatible paper gloss and white measurement function.

On the occasion of this launch, the manufacturers have launched a promotion that will continue until March 30. For the joint purchase of an Eizo ColorEdge monitor and an Epson Stylus printer, you will get, free of charge, a roll of professional photographic paper from Epson and the book “High quality digital photography” by José María Mellado.