New Parallels beta, with support for Boot Camp partitions

New Parallels beta, with support for Boot Camp partitions

With Parallels Desktop installed, an Intel-based Mac can run Windows XP and other x86-based operating systems, such as older versions of Windows and Linux distributions, as virtual environments. These are the main differences with respect to Apple’s Boot Camp orientation, in which only Windows is allowed to run and the computer must be restarted to do so.

As novelties of the new beta Build 3036 it is worth highlighting the improvement in the usability of the product. Now there is a Virtual Machines catalog where you can see all the installed virtual machines in case multiple instances of Parallels Desktop are running; You can also create virtual machine aliases, resize the main window, automatically adjust screen resolution, and the ability to drag and drop files and folders directly between your Mac and Windows.

It also highlights the ability to directly use a Boot Camp partition, so there is no need to maintain separate installations for Boot Camp and Parallels, helping to conserve the amount of available hard disk space.

Performance has also been improved in the use of USB devices and up to 50 percent of graphics performance in certain applications.