New rumors about ultralight computers

It would be a new laptop of reduced dimensions and a weight that could be less than 1 kg, at the same time it would use flash memory as the main data storage system and that would be announced from the second half of the year.

Keith Bachman, an analyst at Banc of America, added his voice to the large group of analysts who predict the appearance of this device in the coming weeks. This same analyst also sees the appearance of a new iPod with the ability to play video as feasible, but unlike the current model, it would be based on the use of flash memory. As reflected in AppleInsider.

Shaw Wu, an analyst at American Technology Research, indicated last week that Apple would develop a laptop based on flash memory that would use a special version of Mac OS X. In the same way as the iPhone, which will be controlled by an adapted version of Mac OS X.

The matter takes on even more force if we take into account that the low-consumption Intel processors specially designed for ultraportable computers are currently used by the main manufacturers of this type of computers such as Toshiba, HP, Sony, and so on.