Nintendo will open its first official store located in Japan.

Fourteen years after revealing its first New York location, Nintendo. it’s finally opening an official store in Japan, too. Nintendo Tokyo will be located in Shibuya Parco, the new flagship of the Parco department store chain. Nintendo Tokyo is scheduled to open at the same time as the mall in the fall.

In an announcement, Nintendo said: “We are preparing to make this store, which will be a new base for communicating Nintendo information in Japan, a pleasant place for a wide range of consumers. In addition to games, consoles, accessories like amiibo, and branded merchandise, Nintendo Tokyo will also host game and event kiosks (if the New York store at Rockefeller Center has anything to do with it, this may include tournaments, demos, and launches ).

Nintendo recently posted solid third-quarter revenue growth, but also lowered its turnaround forecast for the year. However, sales may pick up again, if Nintendo releases a smaller, less expensive version of the console, as Japanese financial publication Nikkei reported.