Nokia Tips and tricks for the Nokia Lumia 520 Tricks for any kind of device are obviously something very…

The tricks for any kind of device are obviously something very sought after and it is that we can do “new” things with them that definitely in many occasions can leave us surprised and in others it can even be considerably useful. That is why we wanted to create this article with some cheats, codes and tips for those who have a Nokia Lumia 520, so that in this way they can take the maximum advantage of said mobile device.


Hidden menu in Nokia Lumia 520

Keep in mind that in reality, all devices that have Windows Phone can perform this trick and unlock the hidden menu. The idea is basically very simple and all you have to do is mark a number with some symbols. The same is the following: ## 634 # in this way we managed to bring up a menu that was hidden with which we can unlock various features of our mobile and have new things to do with it. Isn’t it great? The functions in question are as follows: Accelerometer, ALS, Audio Loopback, Bluetooth, Camera, Battery Status, DTMF, Hardware Buttons, Headset Detection, White LCD, Lights, Magnetometer, Power Source, Proximity, Speaker, Touch, Vibration.

As you can see, there are several new functions that you can activate from this hidden menu, keep in mind that it is not necessary that you activate all at the same time, you can simply activate the ones you really need.


It is good to learn this code to use in all our devices with Windows Phone because as you will see there are many options that remain “hidden“By default, although we still don’t really have much idea why Microsoft has decided to do this, but at least in all the options are there and can be unlocked” easily “.

In any case if any of you know any trick or even some kind of code or anything that may be useful to our dear Nokia or Microsoft Lumia, then it would be nice if you leave it in the comment box below to be able to share this way with the community, which after all, we are a small minority in a world dominated by Android and Apple, although in many cases we do not like the idea too much.

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