Norway outlaws iTunes

This is the first time, under any jurisdiction, in which it is concluded that iTunes breaks its consumer protection laws and could cause other countries to rethink their position regarding the content, both video and music, that can be purchased on iTunes , as reported in The Financial Times newspaper.

The consumer mediator has set a deadline, October 1, for Apple to make its codes available to other tech companies so that this complies with Norwegian law. If this is not done, it could even ask Apple for a millionaire compensation and even close the iTunes Store service in that country.

Torgeir Waterhouse, the highest representative of the Norwegian Consumer Council, has been the first to make this complaint and has indicated that he was in negotiations with organizations for the defense of the consumer of other European countries to present a unified position on the legality of iTunes. Sweden and Finland have already supported the Norwegian position, but they have yet to take action. He also said that the campaign is also supported by Germany and France.