Office 2008 for Mac reaches beta phase

In this report, it is indicated that the new productivity suite will offer a redesigned user interface (Escher), and its developers have focused their efforts on creating a set of features that make the tool easy to use and understand.

It also confirms that many features that until now were very difficult to access have been relocated so that the user can access them more easily and that it has a much friendlier interface.

“Part of our mission with Office 2008 has been to expose all the things that are already there and make the product easy to use,” explained Sheridan Jones, director of marketing for Microsoft’s Mac business unit.

In this beta version, there are features such as integration with iPhoto, floating inspection palettes and spreadsheets such as accounting books for Excel already with the most commonly used formulas. At the same time, it has a widget for Dasboard that serves to plan tasks in various ways, appointments and other activities that need to be covered.