Oneiromancy Curiosities: The Art of Knowing the Meaning of Dreams Predicting the future has been a trend in …

Predicting the future has been a trend in humans for centuries. The various ‘mancias’, through their peculiar ways, give us the possibility of knowing what destiny has in store for us in a short or long period of time.

Despite the fact that for centuries there has been some controversy about whether to believe these predictions or not, the Dreams meaning it is one of the most sought after.


Oneiromancy and the meaning of dreams

Dreaming as it is really known, consists of interpreting dreams through symbols that have a specific meaning.

This practice dates from the Greek era where the famous priests of the time were the special advisers of great and famous personalities such as Socrates, Euclid and Demosthenes.

Little by little, the trend spread until it happened to the Australian Amazonian aborigines, where it was adopted as a socially accepted belief system.

However, it was not until the birth of psychoanalysis in the twentieth century through Freud that oneiromancy really came to life.

In this theory, where ‘what is in the subconscious is dreamed’, it was proven over time that not everything had to be interpreted, and that only the important points of dreams as symbols, feelings or deep sensations, should be taken as messages from the being, in warning to solve internal problems.

Sometimes dreams are mistaken for ‘Deja vu‘, which are short manifestations of future experiences. These experiences are extremely common in all people, and we often express them with that strange feeling that accompanies ‘this I had already lived’ or ‘I feel that I had already done this’


How to interpret dreams then?

In a mixture of psychoanalytic beliefs, pagan witchcraft of medieval times and semiotic science or semiology it is then that we could correctly give meaning to the Dreams meaning.

So there are dreams that are ‘common’ to all human beings, such as dreaming of death, water, natural disasters, weddings, pregnancy, etc.

However, although each one is generic and its meaning is the same in most cases, we must pay attention to the details surrounding the event, and to what we feel during the dream.

It is only in that case, that we could give an exact interpretation to the Dreams meaningWe would study each case personally but making use of the available resources.

So for example, if you dream of water for example, this represents the depth of feelings. But, if in the dream the water is cloudy or dirty, it means that something inside us afflicts or oppresses us and that we must externalize it as soon as possible.

On the contrary, if the water is calm, clear or good looking, it means that we are at peace with ourselves and that our conscience is peaceful and free from resentment or hatred.

The important thing then, is to learn to recognize the key points for interpretation and not to pretend that each dream is a message. Thus, we ourselves can make sense of what we dream, without the need to resort to a third party.