Opera Mini Browsers: A Fast and Ad-Free Browser for Your MobileOpera Mini was recently designed by Opera Software to …

Opera Mini was recently designed by Opera Software To meet the needs of mobile device users, it was officially launched in 2005. Originally derived from the web browser for PC Opera which began to be available since 1996, It grew a lot, but in 2012 it began to become one of the most used for mobile devices.


In 2012 they reported that it had more than 168 million usersBy 2013, that number had been reported to have risen to 300 million. It currently has more than 50 languages ​​for installation in addition is available to mobile phones with Android and iOS. But if you want to test it on your computer you can do it calmly, since it has very good tools that will make your browsing much faster, simpler and faster.

Opera Mini Features

Opera Mini is one of the most used browsers on mobile devices, it has many very good characteristics that are what make it unique.

It is a secure browser: It is considered one of the safest browsers because it has an ad blocker that others do not have, and it can save up to 90% of mobile data.

It all depends on the speed: The good news is that not only does it block unwanted ads but it also compresses the content before it reaches the end, which means that you can get everything you are looking for much faster, depending on the size and Internet traffic.

Data usage monitoring: This option is very useful for all the people who want to keep track of the data used on the mobile, although on the other hand, as Opera Mini does not consume much data, you can have much more to use with other applications. But the best thing is that you can save more data by activating the extreme saving mode option.


Smarter way to download content: If you were looking for a new way to save your favorite clips that you see on social networks or on websites, you can try Opera Mini that has it.

How to download Opera Mini

If you want downloading Opera Mini to your mobile is very simple and fast to do because whether you have Android or iOS you can find it in both stores. Below you will find how to download it depending on the phone you have.

On Android

In the case that you have a mobile device with Android, what you have to do is very simple, go to the Play Store or follow this link that takes you directly to the app. Then you go to look for the Install button and press itWhen it does, a tab will appear showing you all the information that the application will access, just press accept and wait for this process to finish.

On iOS

If you have a mobile with iOS, what you have to do is follow this link to the iTunes store, then look for the Download button and press it. The last thing you have to do is wait for this procedure to finish.

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