Original content of the podcast: "Always be my maybe" Netflix is ​​…

“Always Be My Maybe”, a new movie starring and co-written by Ali Wong and Randall Park, continues with Netflix Solid romantic comedy streak.

That said, anyone hoping to match Wong’s delicious and dirty stand-up (featured on Netflix specials “Baby Cobra” and “Hard Knock Wife”) might be disappointed. Instead, “Always Be My Maybe” feels like a throwback to 90s romantic comedies; after all, Park and Wong have cited “When Marry Met Sally” and “Boomerang” as inspiration.

On this week’s episode of the original podcast content, we are joined by Catherine Shu to review the film, which tells the story of Marcus (Park) and Sasha (Wong), two childhood friends who grew up together in the Bay Area. , they lose their virginity to each other and then separate, until they cross paths again in their 30s.

We don’t all love the movie – Anthony, in particular, found that some of the jokes and character arcs are a bit more complex. But we all had a good time, thanks to the well-drawn characters, quick humor, and an excellent cameo.

Anthony and Catherine also discuss how the film resonates with their own personal experiences, and how it compares to “Crazy Rich Asia.”

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And if you want to skip ahead, here is how the episode breaks down:

0:00 Introduction and discussion of upcoming TV shows 10:18 Spoiler-free review of “Always Be My Maybe” 26:14 spoiler discussion