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All those who have prepared or are currently preparing for oppositions know that it is not an easy path, far from it. Fortunately, the advancement of new technologies has brought with it the development of applications that can be very useful for all those who are currently immersed in the process of studying to access a job in the Public Administration. One of those applications that may be useful is Octopus: Opposition Test.

Opposition exams can be very varied, there are written development exams, oral exams, psycho-technical exams, practical cases, physical tests … In general The exam is intended to adapt to the level of demand of what will be the job position to which the opponent aspires.

But in the case of exams, and regardless of whether they are for the opposition, if there is an exam model that is never missing, it is the multiple choice test. One of the most feared by students.

The tests are widely used in public competitions, since they are exams that can be corrected quickly, which is very useful when there are many applicants.

Anyone who has ever studied knows that a multiple choice exercise is not prepared in the same way as a syllabus development exam. One of the keys to arriving well prepared on the day of the exam is to have studied and also having done many tests to get used to them. Knowing what kinds of questions are usually asked and being agile to be able to answer as many questions as possible in the shortest time possible, is something that is only achieved if many mock exams have been previously carried out.

Often the opponents do not work while they are studying, which implies that they do not have many financial means and that any help is welcome, that is why applications such as Octopus: Opposition Test, which are free, are so highly valued by this group.


What is Octopus: Opposition Test?

This application is a useful tool aimed at opponents and whose main objective is help them improve their preparation.

The application offers a good number of tests that are also updated frequently for oppositions related to health, engineering, Administration, Security Forces, firefighters and other services. There is also no lack of tests on the Constitution, which are practically essential in any opposition.

The user chooses the test he wants, clicks on the download icon and he can start to do it.

Octopus houses tests of various types grouped by categories To make it easier to find what you are looking for, it incorporates a statistics system with which the student can see the progress of their study. It allows conduct mock exams to check the position of the student in the ranking and also has a achievement system which aims to motivate and stimulate learning.

Many times preparing an opposition implies a loneliness that is not always positive, that is why Octopus also incorporates social skills with which the student can share their progress with their friends in the study groups.

Download Octopus: Opposition Test

This application of test for oppositions can be download from the Google Play Store or download from the App Store.

The application is free. Previously, the tests were divided between those that were free and those that were paid, but with the latest update now all the tests in the app can be downloaded completely free of charge.

To install the application on a device with an operating system Android it is necessary to have the version 4.0 or higher. If it is a device with operating system ios you need the version 7.0 or later, as well as 33.3 MB free space.

The application has a fairly high score by users and the comments on it are quite positive.


Using Octopus: Opposition Test

After downloading and installing the application, starting to use it is very simple. As soon as we open it, a small tutorial appears that we can omit if we want.

In the zone of Menu we can see all available tests classified according to the opposition in question, but also according to other criteria such as the tests most valued by users or those that have been recently updated.

The application currently has tests for the oppositions of Nursing and EIR, Medicine and MIR, Nursing Assistant, Computer Science (TIC, PreparaTIC), Telecommunications, Judicial Assistant, Library Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Public Finance Agents, National Police , Psychology and PIR, Pharmacy and FIR, Biology and BIR, Radiophysics and Waiter-cleaner (J.Extremadura), among others.

If we want to take a test, all we have to do is look for the category that interests us and click on the exam we want to take. The system tells us what year the test is, the number of questions and the time available to carry it out.

Click on the download button and the test opens. By clicking on the “Play” button we can start the test again or continue it if we have left it halfway. By sliding the screen to the left we go from one question to another until we reach the end of the exam and see the result we have achieved.

In each test we have the option to pause the exercise, end it at any time and view our statistics and report if we have detected an error in the question.

A complete and free tool

All the features we have analyzed make Octopus: Opposition Test one of the most useful applications when preparing oppositions. In addition, by taking it on their mobile, the opponent can take advantage of any free moment to take a look at the tests and continue improving their training.

When preparing oppositions all help is little, but with Octopus: Oppositions Test the opponents have in the palm of their hand a great ally that will help them to continue expanding their knowledge so that when the big day arrives they are prepared to face the exam with success.