Other Telepad – mouse & keyboardGenerally, when we talk about the best applications that we can download in …

Other Telepad – mouse & keyboardGenerally, when we talk about the best applications that we can download in …

Generally, when we talk about the best applications that we can download on our mobile devices, we usually say that Android stands out for the enormous variety of them that can be found. Of course, If we take the necessary time, within the Google Play Store we can find all kinds of apps that adapt to the type of experience that we expect in our team.

In this way we have already analyzed many of the main application segments that we have available right now, although in this particular case we want to fall into one that is probably not one of the most sought after. It is about those applications that have been specially designed so that we can use our mobile as a kind of remote control for other devices. In fact, next month they are going to launch an update, with which we can control Spotify, and its elementary functions.

How can this be? Well, basically we have to consider that thanks to connectivity Through the same networks, it is often possible to make our smartphone work as a remote control. Of course, first we will need an application that manages to synchronize both devices, so in this way today we are going to talk a little more in detail about the operation of Telepad.


How does Telepad work?

As those who know about programs and applications will know, when we talk about Telepad we do it about a system that works especially to control the mouse and keyboard of our computer. In this case, we refer specifically to the version for Android mobile devices of this tool, a platform that we believe many will be able to take full advantage of.

Specifically, the best thing about Telepad is that even when we don’t have a mouse or keyboard for our computer, We can adapt the phone to perform these functions without too much difficulty, in simple steps. The only thing we have to take into account in this regard is that it is necessary to have the app installed, otherwise it is impossible to use the smartphone in this way.

In turn, in the same way you must have the application installed in its version for Windows on the computer that you hope to be able to synchronize, in order to be able to control it remotely from the screen of the mobile device. When you have downloaded the application on both your smartphone and your computer, you will then be able to enjoy its utilities in just seconds.

Already installed both versions of the system, then we have to start with the basic configurations, since in the first instance it is necessary to select the type of connection between both devices, if by Bluetooth or WiFi. When we have selected it, we have to make sure that the network or connection channel is exactly the same, otherwise the connection will be useless.

So we are going to open the application in our terminal, choosing any of the devices connected to the same network, so at the end of the day we can synchronize more than one mobile with more than one computer, as long as all the computers share the same network. Outside of that, you will find that the Telepad interface is extremely simple, even if you do not know programs of this type previously.


Inside it, you will see that it appears information about the connected devices, so you only have to click on the one that interests you, on the mouse or keyboard icon that corresponds to this particular one. In this way, it is very easy to use our hands to move around the system in exactly the same way as we would with a physical mouse.

In turn, we have the possibility of opening folders in Windows by clicking twice on it, dragging the contents of one folder to another in the same way as we do with the physical mouse, without further ado. If what you want is to be able to write, you have to know that using the keyboard is just as simple, since we only have to choose this functionality, go to the keyboard window, and you will see everything you type on the screen.

For the rest, we did not want to fail to mention that Telepad functions fully support the need to work in real time, without any delays or lags or anything like that. In this way, if we are at home, we can control the computer from anywhere, something especially useful when we have a mouse or keyboard connected by cable to the PC.

When is it advisable to use Telepad? Well, it depends on the needs of each user, of course, but we recommend it especially when we are watching our favorite movies or series lying on the couch. Although it is true that wireless mice or keyboards can also be useful, it is not the same to share the chair with the mobile phone than to do it with these physical peripherals.

Of course then Telepad has many customization options through its configuration section, which you can determine in the way you consider that they are most useful for your needs. This will allow you to have the possibility to fully enjoy the experience of an app as a virtual keyboard and mouse, an app of which there are not as many as in other areas.


As you can see, Telepad is a perfect application for all those who want an extra point of comfort when it comes to being able to use a mouse or keyboard remotely without too much fuss. For this reason, we We cannot fail to recommend an application like this one, which in its case is also the best of those that exist within this select segment.

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