Others Evolution of QR codes Technology has progressively transformed the way we communicate, we go from informing ourselves …

Technology has progressively transformed the way we communicate, we went from informing ourselves on television or radio to consulting digital newspapers. The stores are presented on online platforms such as ecommerce and QR codes provide more information about a product, a technology that has given way to multimedia dedications in the world of gifts or accompanying flowers at home.

QR codeThere are more and more mobile applications and tools that allow you to connect with other users in a faster and easier way. Intuitive photo and video editors, tools to create gif with photos or create infographics efficiently. QR codes have become a way of incorporating information de fast consumption and access.

QR code applications

The QR codes are born in the 90s, created by the Japanese company Toyota. Its initial purpose was to quickly register the spare parts that arrived at the manufacturing area. However, its use has spread and extended to various sectors. E-commerce is one of the sectors that applies QR codes for marketing campaigns or obtaining discount coupons. Also, these codes have been applied to event posters, offering much more information than is present on the poster. Some products have incorporated codes in the products in order to provide more information about their manufacture, composition or even specific foods through these codes you can access recipes. Science has also applied this technology. For example, in campaigns to help Alzheimer’s patients. Patient data is recorded in a code that is printed on bracelets or pendants, preventing further damage in the event of disorientation. Most companies apply QR code technology to connect more with their customers. In addition, with this technology the use made of the QR code is recorded. Companies can establish statistics from the data provided by the code and improve promotional campaigns, as well as product quality.

QR codes in multimedia dedications

One of the most innovative applications of QR codes are multimedia dedications, such as those that accompany flowers at home. Smartphone technology has helped to implement this type of dedication in gifts. Printed cards are relegated to the background to make room for multimedia dedications. Taking advantage of the versatility offered by QR codes, much more than written text can be integrated into the dedication, from images to a video. Multimedia dedications take on much more personality and convey much more than a written message. Thanks to this technology, the simple communication offered by a dedication becomes a perfect complement to any type of gift, with an added value, the multimedia personification.

This technology surprises the recipient, who receives a card with a QR code without expected to contain. By passing the reader of your mobile phone you will see that you are not only reading a classic dedication from a family member or friend, but that you will be able to hear and see it. In addition, it offers the possibility of saving the dedication on the mobile, showing it and seeing it again whenever you want.