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The time comes when any worker must ask for work life, since this is a document showing the time you have worked, that is, the sum of the years that you have contributed to Social Security, whether you have worked for one or more private or public companies.

Ask for work life It is possible in four different ways that we will explain below:

First option: Request work life online without Digital Certificate

For ask for work life online and without Digital Certificate, you just have to enter the following link.


When you do, a window will open where you must enter all the requested information. Among them, they will ask for your DNI number (NIE or Passport) and the Social Security number, as well as personal information such as email and a contact telephone number, you must enter all these data until completing the form.


When you have completed the form you must click on To accept and a receipt will be generated with the reference number, date and time of the request. The report will be sent by Social Security to your address via postal mail, as well as you will receive an email informing you that the process has been carried out correctly.

Second option: Request work life by phone

For ask for work life by phone You must call the number 901 50 20 50, which is the information service of the General Treasury of Social Security. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon. At the beginning, you will be attended by an automatic system and you must follow the instructions that it gives you, these are:

  • Enter the first two digits of the postal code of your providence.
  • Press 3 (general information) to communicate with a gesture that will indicate the steps to follow.
  • You must have your DNI or an identification document at hand, as well as your Social Security number.
  • Make sure you provide all the information that they request: address, telephone number, etc.
  • You must indicate the type of certificate you want, that is, complete, between two dates and with other restrictions.
  • Finally, when you have finished the process they will inform you that in about 6 days they will send your work life to your home by post, so you should make sure you have your address information updated.

Third Option: Request a work life online with Digital Certificate

If you have the digital certificate, you can download the work life report online at the same time.

If you are used to carrying out procedures on the Internet with the digital certificate, this option will be more comfortable for you, since allows you to download the certificate in PDF format and with electronic validation code.

In the next Social Security link You can download the work life online if you have the digital certificate. In the window that opens, you must click where it says “Access to the Service” with Digital Certificate

If you have problems accessing it, you should bear in mind that Social Security does not accept the use of some browsers to download, for example: the latest versions of Firefox and Google Chrome, so when they are used an error of Unauthorized access, so it is recommended to use Internet Explorer.

If you do not have the digital certificate, you can obtain it in a few days and it will allow you to carry out online transactions for several years.

Fourth Option: Request work life online with an SMS code sent by Social Security to your phone

This is a new system, but to access it you need having communicated a mobile phone number to the General Treasury of Social Security where the SMS will arrive.

To access this service you can use this link. When you log in, a form will be displayed that you must fill out with your data, such as: ID, Social Security number, date of birth and mobile phone.

Then you will receive an SMS message on your mobile phone with a password with a very short time of validity, which you must enter in the access screen in order to obtain the report and print it or download it in PDF.


As you will see, ask for work life It is very simple and Social Security offers you several methods to do it without much problem, you just have to have all the requirements at hand and spend no more than 10 minutes.

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