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When looking for a job, the first contact between the candidate and the company is through the curriculum vitae, also called curriculum or simply CV. This document exposes the experience and training of the candidate and should be enough to awaken the interest of the company in it, so today we bring you a resume template so that you can make one that fits what companies are really looking for.

Recommendations when preparing a CV

When preparing a curriculum vitae, certain important aspects must be taken into account. The first thing is to value the time of the recruiter, this professional has to read hundreds of resumes a day, which implies that if a document is too long, he will surely not stop to read it.

The perfect CV is one that does not occupy more than one or two pages. Therefore, it is about synthesizing the information to the maximum, taking into account that if the profile is of interest for the position, we will be summoned to a job interview in which we can give details about our training and experience.

The photo is another important issue. In these cases, a ID type photo, with a white background and also recent. Nothing to use a selfie or another type of photo that is not professional.

Finally, before submitting a resume, make sure that we have added the ways of contact (phone and email) and that they are well written.


Resume template

The curriculum template that we bring you is the european model. These are official templates provided by the European Commission that are used to prepare a curriculum that is valid both in Spain and in the rest of Europe.

This document orders the information following a template that has been agreed upon by all the countries of the European Union, presenting the competencies and qualifications in a standardized manner.

At Europass curriculum the information is organized as follows:

  • Personal information: name, address, telephone, fax, email, nationality, date of birth.
  • Work experience: date, name and address of the employer, type of company or sector, position or position held, main activities and responsibilities.
  • Education and training: dates, name and type of organization that has provided the education or training, main subjects or occupational skills covered, title of the qualification obtained.
  • Personal skills and abilities.
  • Mother tongue.
  • Other languages: reading, writing, speaking.
  • Social skills and abilities.
  • Organising capacities and aptitudes.
  • Technical skills and abilities.
  • Artistic skills and abilities.
  • Other skills and abilities.
  • Driving licenses.
  • Additional Information.
  • Annexes (documentation).

Download Europass CV template.


Presentation letter

The resume is usually a standardized document that is presented to all types of job offers. If you want to personalize the application, you can send a cover letter together with the CV prepared exclusively for each job offer and in which the candidate indicates the reasons why they want to work in the company where there is a vacant position.

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