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The electronic DNI is a very important electronic identity card or document, it is the size of a credit card and has a chip that allows electronic documents to be digitally signed. If you want to renew or check out your document for the first time, here you will learn how to program your prior appointment ID.

Carrying an electronic ID provides many benefits, among them: reducing cases of fraud and identity theft, exercising electronic voting, being able to sign documents without the need for a physical meeting, paying taxes online and accessing different services, whether state or private, at any time of the day and anywhere in the world.


Steps to Request a Prior Appointment DNI

  1. Start

You must enter this link To start the process, remember to accept the invalid certificate security notice if your browser shows it.

It is recommended to use Google Chrome to perform this process.

2.- Basic fields

You must complete all the mandatory fields, if you have the DNI, you must write the following:

  • Document number.
  • Lyrics (in this link you can learn to calculate the DNI letter).
  • The expedition team (The last field on the back of the DNIe and old DNI).
  • Validity date (the last field on the front of the DNIe and old DNI).

In the event that you are a foreigner and have the NIE, you must enter the following data:

  • Your number.
  • Validity date (the third field on the front of the NIE or the last field on the front of the certificate).
  • Support number (found in the upper right corner of the front of the NIE or certificate).


3.- Province Selection

You must select the province to request the DNI appointment, so choose the place that suits you best.

4.- Access Form

You must choose the way to access the appointment. You can choose between the Speed ​​Appointment or the selection of a particular Expedition Team.

The Quick Pre-Appointment allows you to see the list of the next appointments of the Expedition Teams of the province you have chosen. While choosing a Expedition Team in particular you will be able to see the teams that are capable of completing the procedure in the province you chose, each with their address, availability and time to request the DNI time.

Remember to specify in this step the type of procedure that is, if it is individual or multiple.

5.- Time for DNI

You must select an Expedition Team and request your time to complete the DNI process. You must indicate your mobile phone number to receive confirmation of the appointment via SMS, as well as any other type of important information regarding your appointment. The system will provide you with the assigned appointment number as proof, which you can download in PDF.

This is all you need to know to program your prior appointment DNI, remember to bring the proof that the website gave you and all the documents that are required to perform this process successfully.