Palm OS will switch to Garnet OS

Palm OS will switch to Garnet OS

This announcement is accompanied by the introduction by Access of the new brand “Access Powered” that will replace the phrase “Palm Powered” in those devices that have been designed to work under said operating system.

Last October Access announced that it would take over PalmSource by changing its name to Access, then selling the rights to the PalmSource brand back to Palm.

This is not the first time the name “Garnet” has been associated with Palm OS. In February 2004, PalmSource introduced different names for the Palm operating system; Palm OS 5 was identified by the name Palm OS Garnet, and Palm OS 6 was nicknamed Palm OS Cobalt.

Beyond the Garnet operating system, Access is focusing on developing a Linux-based platform for mobile phones and other devices. The Access Linux platform, as it is called by the company, will include a compatibility layer for the Garnet operating system.